The Cure 24 carat Gold Disc 7″ in Shadowbox Frame (RGM1440)


The Cure- Seventeen Seconds

24K 7″ Gold Disk


The Cure- Seventeen Seconds Colorful 20″ x 16 ” shadowbox depickting 6 major selling The Cure LP’s and 24 carat 7″ gold disc with comemorative 2 mm thick brass plaque Each record has a bright mirror-like finish that is a real eye catcher when you walk into a room with one of these on the wall. These one-of-a-kind displays are produced from a multi-step electroplating process (not sprayed, painted or dipped) just as real record awards are made and will not peel or crack. All the records include a COA (Certificate of Authenticity) stating this display is a tribute record produced as a collectible and has no affiliation with RIAA. The records will never fade, corrode or tarnish. All discs are securely packed to ensure safe delivery.